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Quality Locums registration process features encrypted online tools for locum-onboarding and compliance checks.

It turns hours of paper-based admin into minutes of online compliance, keeping your data secure while reducing the time and effort needed to register.

Our state-of-the-art registration form can be completed in less than 10 minutes and never asks for repeated or useless information.

You can undertake photo ID authentication, right to work validation and sanction screening all from the convenience of your personal device.

Free Online Mandatory Training including practical Basic Life Support, Manual Handling and Fire Safety. We don’t charge for copies of certificates.

We will never put your CV forward for a position without first discussing it with you ensuring you have control over all job roles you might want.

No payroll or payment fees. QualityLS engage all of our temporary workers where possible to ensure compliant deductions are made and passed to the HMRC on your behalf and allows us to maximise your take home pay.

We will always offer you roles, even if you are in placement, to ensure that you are up to date with the latest jobs and have your choice of positions available to you.

You can swap agency and stay in your current assignment! If the trust you are working at is part of a framework, you can move from one agency to another and stay in your current role. We can help you seamlessly swap over to QualityLS and take home more money.

If the language used with agencies is confusing you, we have a simple breakdown which can help explain the differences! Just pop us an email and one of our team with forward you over an explanation of the difference between Direct Engagement, Agency PAYE, Gross Pay Rate and NET pay rate.

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