About Us

Chantelle Urquhart

Managing Director / Consultant
0151 433 2197

I started working in medical recruitment in 2012 as part of the Compliance Team. Shortly after realising how I had a flare for chatting (lol) I was asked to start a pharmacy desk. I absorbed all the information I gained from speaking to clients and candidates and found myself being passionate about becoming an expert recruiter focused within hospital pharmacy. I spent my time getting to know how recruitment businesses worked, what processes they needed in place to deliver this kind of service provision and in 2014 I started QualityLS.

I have met with all types of hospital pharmacy staff, both clients and candidates which has allowed me to gain a confidence in understanding what is expected within an inpatient vs outpatient hospital setting, what its like to work in the dispensary vs working on wards, the specialism involved in cancer services, aseptics and other niche areas, as well as get a feel for certain departments based on the team and size of department which allows me to match up not only skill fits, but personality fits within teams.

Alongside all of this I have tendered for national frameworks, worked to embed some of the latest technologies within our business and build a team of passionate and kind people who make their priority supporting our health care professionals. I hope your experience with us is enjoyable and I am always just a phone call away. Welcome to the QLS team.