Public Encouraged to Make the Most of Their Pharmacist

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Liaising with our candidates on a daily basis, we get to know our pharmacists, and over the years we’ve had some excellent conversations about all types of medical debates, trying our best to understand the points our candidates make (even when they include 14-letter words). The point we’re trying to make is; here at QLS, we know first-hand just how brainy some of our pharmacists are!

Sadly, it seems that not everybody does. It emerged recently that only one in three people would think of asking a pharmacist for health advice!

That seems baffling doesn’t it? Patients often commute long distances in all sorts of awful British weather to see their GP, just to receive a diagnosis that the pharmacist could have told them over the counter.

There has been a flurry of schemes designed to increase awareness of a pharmacist’s ability, in the hope that many patients will now consider their pharmacist before heading to their GP. In Allerdale for example, 23 pharmacies work with the NHS Cumbria CCG to improve access to minor ailment treatment, helping to cut down GP waiting times.

Pharmacists in the UK study for just one year less than a doctor, and a year more than a nurse, so their medical expertise is first-class. When you consider then, that one in seven GP appointments could be handled by a pharmacist, they do seem like an awfully wasted resource.

So next time you think you might have the flu, or your little one is complaining about aches and pains, try heading to your local pharmacy first. You don’t have to bother with long wait times, and you can take it from us; pharmacists are very helpful, and always friendly.

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