NHS to get £300m cash injection for winter demands


The change to the winter season brings all sorts of problems, none more prevalent than the change to our general health. Be it a little sniffle or full-blown ‘flu, we all get affected in some way.

To most of us this isn’t really an issue, we simply get home, turn on the heating, grab a blanket and turn on our favorite television show. However, not all housing environments are the same, not all age groups react to this change with as much resistance, and there is an ever existent problem with public attitude toward wasting a health professional’s time. Put simply, people don’t think they’re sick enough and they leave it too long before seeking treatment.

Like us, you’ve probably seen some of the news regarding how the NHS is to get £300m cash injection for winter demands: the government has released extra funds, bringing the total winter pot to £700m – 75% more than the system received last year.

We did a little investigating to see what this meant for the NHS, its patients and potentially you, as one of our locums.

What’s happening?

The NHS describes further funding being due to an “increased amount of pressure that comes with the winter months”. At present the NHS is struggling to hit its target of seeing 95% of its patients within 4 hours, creeping down from 94.8% April to 94% most recently. This funding injection will help to improve the NHS resources and ensure that patients are given the best possible care.

Looking through the statistics, this seems to be a case of hospitals and GPs operating at capacity, and when there is an influx, there’s a problem. The NHS then, is trying some preventative tactics.

The “Feeling Under The Weather” campaign has also been launched to create awareness amongst the vulnerable and lower risk alike, aiming to change people’s perception on visiting a hospital or practice early and catching many of these easily treatable sicknesses early.

What does this mean for you?

The good news is that a large proportion of this budget will go into resourcing more clinical staff into hospitals and practices. The opportunity for a locum health worker to increase their hours, gain further fieldwork or work in a more desirable location closer to home is now a reality.

This means that hospitals and GPs will be relying on agencies like ourselves to help provide pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and unlike agencies who charge rates that would make your eyes water, we don’t want to break the NHS bank.

Our sister agency, Bluestones Medical, wrote a blog post about some of these unscrupulous agencies back in August. You can read their blog here:

As a locum working with us, this massively benefits you: more work, more stability, and greater flexibility with regards to location and hours.

At Quality Locum Solutions, we can encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. Our vast network of partners across the UK means that we have a variety of roles available, and our registration and compliance processing is fast and straightforward. Couple this with our low commission rates, and we’re positive that you’ll see that we’re the right recruitment agency for you.