Highest Paid Locum Doctor Earns £460,000 Per Year

FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS. That’s what one agency doctor has been earning. That’s quite a lot isn’t it? Ironically, this news came out roughly the same time that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the NHS that it must crack down on agency staff who are being paid obscene amounts.

We know that we’re back on our soapbox again, but we’ve known about agencies that pay locums hundreds of thousands of pounds for ages now, and it’s been very frustrating!

We’re not going to turn into Mr. Salesforce, but the one reason we have our fees transparent and visible is so that candidates and clients alike can see that we charge a fair rate of pay. It’s not 100%, but chances are if an agency is hiding their fees, they’re doing it for a reason.


The top 10 locum earners cost the NHS


Now, we’re not at all denying that all these locums work hard. We know they do! That person who earned £460k was averaging 80 hours per week. That really is hard work, so we would never suggest that they don’t deserve to be paid for that. Of course they do.

No, our issue is with those agencies and locums that exploit the system by demanding high pay rates, because they know that a hospital or pharmacy is in desperate need of staff.

We’ve talked about this before, we know, but we really do love the NHS, and we hate to see it being held to ransom by a few pesky opportunists. The National Framework Agreement set out recommended rates of pay for the NHS for a reason; to stop these agencies running away with ever-escalating rates of pay.



We have always worked to support NHS Trusts across the country. As far as we see it, we’re here for the desperate times, when a member of staff is off unwell, or on leave, and they need someone at short notice.

We provide a qualified and professional locum, and we pay a fair, honest, and transparent rate. We make little commission, and have a transparent invoicing system that is in line with the NFA recommendations.

In short, we love the NHS, and we will continue to support it. We would encourage other agencies to consider doing the same!

As always, we’d be interested to know what you think. Have you had any experience with these kinds of agencies? Get in touch with the media team today and share your story with us, offer your opinion or have a little rant? Is there a locum perspective we haven’t considered or are you a client who feels they have been over charged for a service not received?