Occupational Health Requirements

As you are most likely aware all companies working with the relevant NHS Framework Agreements are responsible for ensuring that they appoint either their own Occupational Health Provider or a suitably qualified team who meet the current requirements/guidelines for us.

The Occupational Health requirements can seem a little scary, but we’ve provided examples of each bit of evidence you’ll need. If you have any queries or need further assistance, feel free to get in touch.

Immunisation Evidence Options Expiry
Non-Exposure Prone Procedures (Non-EPP)
Varicella (Chicken Pox) A written statement on the health questionnaire to confirm that you have had chicken pox or shingles, however we strongly advise that you provide a serology test result showing varicella immunity None
Tuberculoisis (TB) We require an occupational health / GP certificate of a positive scar sighting or a record of a positive skin result (do not self declare), or None
A BGG vaccination on Medical record None
Measles, Mumps and Rubella Certificate of two MMR vaccinations on Medical record or None
Proof of a positive antibody for Rubella and Measles only None
Hep B Your report must show a titre level of greater than 100 iu/ml or None
If after 2 courses and a period of more than 2-4 months after the 2nd course you still cannot raise your titre level above 100 iu/ml than we can accept a signed and stamped letter from your haematology department stating that you are a ‘low responder’.* This can be submitted along with the 2 original serology reports. None
Exposure Prone Procedures (EEP) – Additional Immunisations Required
Hep B Surface Antigen Evidence of a Negative Surface Antigen Test 3 years
Hep C A serology report stating a Negative result. Positive results can be submitted for our occupational health departments review 3 years
HIV Candidates must supply a serology report stating that they test negative for the HIV antibody before they can work in an EPP role 3 years

All serology reports must be stamped by the place of issue to prove they are genuine

All serology reports must be issued in the UK and be stamped by the place of issue to prove they are genuine. The result should also state / be stamped IVS (Identified Validated Samples) for EPP clearance. This is to check the identity of the person at the time of the test, and involves the candidates showing their passport, or some other form of photographic ID. This will then be checked by the laboratory and noted on the report with either a stamp or printed confirmation.

What to do first
Firstly review what you do have and if you’re not sure if what you have meets the Department of Health criteria then send it through to one of our compliance experts (hyperlink contact us) and we will then be able to advise you of its suitability and your next steps.

What if I do not hold any reports to prove I’m immune?
Before we can offer you work we will require that you supply us with valid documentary evidence, but you have some options here to:

Option 1
Go to your occupational health department and organise the missing immunisations you require.

Option 2
If you’re not part of an institution with an occupational health department, you can find your nearest Department of Health Occupational Health Department. You can give them a call to organise your immunisations.

*If titre levels are less than 10, candidate will be required to undergo primary course of HepB and obtain titre levels 4-6 weeks following 3rd dose. If titre levels come back over 10, the above guidelines apply. If they return as less than 10 again, it is good clinical practice to have HepB Core antibody levels checked (to check for natural immunity through past exposure to HepB virus), and then commence on 2nd course of HepB (further 3 x vaccines). Again titre levels should be checked 4-6 weeks following final dose. If these come back less than 10 again, then candidate can be deemed a true non responder to the vaccine.

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