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Favourite thing to do: Travel. I get bored quickly so jet setting off to somewhere new is my secret escape, without the creepy whisper of course!

Something I hate: Snakes… Land snakes, water snakes, snakes in a cage – literally anything that slithers… creeps me out!

Best place I have ever visited: China. Best and worst. Loved the history and the tombs and the Great Wall. Got freaked out by the menus in some places and the taxi drivers.

Favourite meal: Roast dinner. Mmmmmmmmmm. Nom Nom.

Fun Fact: Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour.

Favourite thing to do: Inappropriate answer: moving on

Something I hate: Spiders, I’m blinking terrified of the little gits!

Best place I have ever visited: Nothing is special to me. Everything is just mediocre. (Tom is having one of those days, we will ask him tomorrow, but we know he loved Disneyland… Don’t tell him you know)

Favourite meal: Steak. Nothing else. Just steak.

Fun Fact: If you keep going North, you will eventually go South.  If you keep going East, you will never go West.

Favourite thing to do: Eat chocolate.

Something I hate: People touching her blinds at home.

Best place I have ever visited: Paphos in Cyprus.

Favourite meal: Lasagne.

Fun Fact: I used to work as a carer, so I am nice, but can be firm if I don’t get my timesheets in.

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